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Website Makeover! Thank you 2022

It has been quite a busy while, but as 2022 is coming to an end, I've finally taken the time to update this space and want to reflect and put my thoughts about the crazy ride I've taken this year. Project Echo, is my latest research project released this year. It is a modular toolkit solution my team, and I developed for addressing Visual Plagiarism, an issue I have been navigating through for a few years now. I've also included my latest poster design works dealing with complex subjects such as racism and gender equality to lighter subjects with my homage to the Beijing Opera and admiration for South Korean Culture.

I've had the pleasure of being invited to participate in invitational exhibitions and the blessing of having several of my works selected for some of the world's most prestigious awards and Biennales. In my role as a design researcher, the underpinning scholarly work that has gone into many of these projects is beginning to pay dividends; several book chapters, journal articles, and conference papers are due to be published shortly.

Amongst all of this (organised chaos, hahaha), I'm humbled and delighted to announce that I secured my reappointment at NTU for another 3 years - with exceeds expectations in all 3 areas of my work (research, teaching, and service). So 2022 has not only been a fulfilling year but has opened doors for new beginnings in 2023. With that, I would like to say thank you to the people who have supported and guided me. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by great colleagues, friends, and my dear family.

So 2023, I am ever so ready to welcome you with open arms.




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