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Recipient of the SSHR 2025 Seed Grant!

I received the wonderful news that my research project, Survey and Analysis of Pedagogical Awareness of Visual Plagiarism from Design Teachers and Academics, has been awarded the Social Science & Humanities Research (SSHR) 2025 Seed Grant fund.

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to continue my research into preventing visual plagiarism and plan to develop this project through participatory design workshops. This was the first time I’ve attempted to secure funding through a social sciences route, so I was quite apprehensive given that my project is focused on Design and Design Educators, however thanks to the sustained efforts and huge support of my research team we have been successful! I am very excited to kick off 2022 with this project.

Currently my team consists of:

Principle Investigator: Assistant Professor Lisa Winstanley, ADM - NTU

CO-PI: Associate Professor Gray Hodgkinson, ADM – NTU

Collaborator: Senior Lecturer Paul Benedict Lincoln, NIE – NTU

Collaborator: Assistant Professor Victoria Pickett, Coastal Carolina University USA

Very grateful for this opportunity

The hard work starts now!



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