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Journey of a Design Educator: With Lisa Winstanley on The Design Education Talks Podcast

I am delighted to share that my conversation with Lefteris Heretakis is now live on the Design Education Talks Podcast. While this was a great opportunity for me to talk more about my work and how it might serve as words of enlightenment for others, this was also an opportunity for me to reflect on and share the responsibilities and blessings of my position as a design educator.

During our conversation, we delved into what I do on the day-to-day as a design researcher, educator and practising designer, which I like to refer to as wearing my many "hats". I also share about my journey from being a practising designer in the UK to being a design educator in Singapore.

In this episode, I speak about my research on addressing visual plagiarism and the insights I’ve gained on the grey areas of this topic from an educational perspective. I also open up a personal side of who I am as a designer, how I am passionate about poster design and how I’m “trying to use my craft to advocate for the different social and cultural issues that we're facing in our society"; how I took a leap of faith by moving to the Middle East facing the unknown yet embraced the possibilities. How I went back to school to get more qualifications because of the situation I found myself in, and how I switched careers from what I thought I'd be doing for a long time to then discovering my calling as a design educator.

"Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Don't be afraid of failure. Failure is part of the process; embrace that process, learn from that, and roll with it." this is a piece of advice I shared, which I truly believe is the recipe for uncomfortable but necessary growth, both as a designer and as a person. I am delighted to have been able to share the work I do and my passion for design education. I hope you find it insightful or, at the very least, amusing! With that, please check out the latest podcast episode:

Thank you once again, Lefteris, for inviting me. Design Education Talks Podcast is a great space to create more conversations about the changes design educators are passionate about making and the stories behind them. You have my support, and I hope the podcast continues to provide valuable insights and prompts new ideas.



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