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International Visual Literacy Conference 2021. Oral Presentation and Exhibition


This weekend I'll be participating in the The 53rd conference for the International Visual Literacy Association. The Virtual Conference is Hosted by University of Toledo and the Toledo Museum of Art in the Ohio, USA.

First, I'll be delivering an oral presentation about my work to create bridges between design and science and I'll discuss the pedagogical approaches taken to create partnerships between molecular chemistry and applied illustration. I'll demonstrate how this project helped students of art and design to develop an understanding of complex nanoscopic molecules and how the visualisation of these molecules contributed to the scientific community. This may appear to be quite a deviation from my research into preventing visual plagiarism but this study reviews how we can forge collaborative environments for creative practice which is still firmly in my research domain. Exiting!

Second, my poster design work, Hope Is Not A Strategy has been selected to appear in IVLA's Juried exhibition, Seeing Across Disciplines and will be publicly showcased from the 4th November. You can see the exhibition here or by scanning the QR code below.

Artist Statement

Hope is easy. It fills the heart with optimism. It allows us to imagine a better space or time. It is optimism in the face of apathy or despair. Hope is pure and good. However, hoping for the best is often a form of inertia when what is needed is action. What is needed is to deal with reality and to plan, prepare and move towards a better future, rather than to remain static in the hope that everything will be ok. The place where we can situate hope is when all the preparations have been made and the hard work has been put in, and yet even then, with all that in place, you can do your best but that does not entitle you to positive results.

Hope Is Not A Strategy.

But if it were not for hope the heart would break.


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