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If you had told me what 2022 would bring, I probably wouldn't have believed you!

2022 has been a crazy busy year but a real blessing for me professionally.

I’m genuinely grateful for the support of my colleagues, friends and loved ones who have probably forgotten my face because I’ve been a whirlwind of busy! But without their kindness, compassion, and support, I could not do this thing called academia! Thank you to all who helped me. I am beyond grateful.

  • 25 International Exhibitions across 13 Countries

  • 20 International Design Awards

  • 5 International Conference Presentations

  • 5 International Jury Service Duties

  • 4 International workshops delivered

  • 3 Competitive Grant Funding Awards (2 as Co-Pi and 1 as PI)

  • 2 Academic Journal Publications

  • 1 Book Design & Publication

Amongst all this chaos, I successfully applied for reappointment. I was awarded a full-term extended contract appraised to have exceeded expectations across all three areas of research, teaching, and service. I am truly grateful to those who supported me in this process.

I wish you all a prosperous, successful, and peaceful 2023




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