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Goodies from the A'Design Awards

Yesterday the doorbell rang and a huge parcel was handed over to me. The outer packaging had A'Design Awards labels all over so I was sure what what be inside. I carefully opened the pack so as not to accidentally damage the contents and to my great joy my A'Design Award goodies had arrived!

Back in August I was lucky enough to be awarded not 1 but 2 coveted A'Design awards. Firstly, a silver award for my branding work for UK based company, Peace & Presence Well-being and secondly, a silver award for my editorial book design, The Big Book of Bullshit - a redesign of my monograph publication which deals with my love for the opposing forces of lies and truth.

Today marked the day when my trophies, books and plethora of other goodies arrived. The trophies are 3D printed from metal and are simply beautiful objects. The annual design award book is a huge 380 page hardback publication, featuring both of the winning projects on page 90 and 91 respectively. published by Designer Press in Italy its a formidable publication in both literal and fugitive weight. Documenting the world's best designs in 2019/2020. I also received framed certificates, posters, pins, badges and rather handy high quality tote bags to carry all the swag!

Here are a few pictures of my haul - I'm super happy if you cant tell!




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