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Exciting News: Publication in the Journal of Visual Literacy!

I am happy to share that my latest research, co-authored with Assistant Professor Jesse John Thompson and Dr Sophia Huey Shan Tan, has been published in the esteemed Journal of Visual Literacy! Our article, "Transformative Pedagogy and Visual Literacy: Reframing Art and Design Student Perspectives on Sustainability with Illustrated Infographics," explores the integration of Transformative Learning Theory principles to enhance visual literacy and environmental awareness among undergraduate design students.

Our study analysed 22 illustrated infographics, uncovering significant insights into perspective transformation, critical reflection, and visual writing skills. By encouraging students to challenge the prevailing negative narratives and engage in critical reflection, we found that they developed a richer visual vocabulary to advocate for positive change.

The Journal of Visual Literacy, with a 2022 CiteScore of 1.6 (Q1 Best Quartile), an SNIP of 0.899, and an SJR of 0.355, provides a prestigious platform for our work. We hope our findings will contribute to curriculum development and promote ethical and sustainable design practices.

You can read the full article here.

If you don’t have access, please let me know, as I can provide up to 50 free e-access views

Thank you to everyone who has supported this journey. 🌿✨

29th May 2024


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