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🎉🌟 Exciting News: Project Echo Featured on Graphis Inc. Blog! 🌟🎉

Hey everyone! 🙋‍♀️ I hope you're all doing fantastic! I've got some amazing news to share - "Project Echo" has been featured on the Graphis Inc. Blog! 🥳👏

Originality, as we all know, is the lifeblood of innovation, especially in the world of design. But sometimes, finding that sweet spot between inspiration and familiarity can be a bit tricky, right? 🤔🎨 Well, I'm absolutely humbled and thrilled to see "Project Echo," my Gold Award-winning work, making waves in the design community! 🏆🌊 Their write-up beautifully explores the essence of Project Echo and how it's on a mission to reinforce creative integrity in art and design education. 😇✏️

Let me give you a quick rundown of what this journey has been all about: Defining the Dilemma: A Pedagogical Pursuit Project Echo began as a deep dive into the world of visual plagiarism in art and design education. We didn't just want to point fingers; we wanted to educate and empower. 🚀📚 Crafting the Echo Effect: Approach and Branding The branding of Project Echo was a labour of love. Those concentric circles? They symbolise the ripple effect of ideas - it's all about that creative resonance! 🌐🎨 Unpacking the Toolkit: Empowering Educators The heart of Project Echo? The modular toolkit is designed to empower educators and students alike. We broke down complex ethical considerations into digestible bits to make a real impact. 🧩📖 The Ripple Becomes a Wave: Achievements and Impact This project isn't just a theory; it's making a real difference. Awards, recognition, and international partnerships - it's all about amplifying ethical creativity! 🌍🌈

I invite you all to join me on this journey by checking out the blog post and video on Graphis Inc. Blog. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. It's an honour to be a part of this creative community. 🙏❤️ 🌟🚀 #ProjectEcho #CreativeIntegrity #GraphisIncBlogFeature

Project Echo Toolkit ©Lisa Winstanley 2022

Project Echo: a Modular resource for Design Educators and Students

©Lisa Winstanley 2022



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