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Building a Caring Commuter Culture in Singapore

The school of Art, Design & Media (ADM) was approached by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to work with them and commuters in Singapore to find ways to increase the public’s knowledge of actionable steps they can take to assist commuters in need. I had the pleasure of working with Associate Prof Peer Sathikh and two groups of talented ADM students on this project.

Both teams created excellent proposals, with team 1’s idea being selected for a national awareness campaign. Hubert Loi, Jasmin Goh, Pang Si Xian, and Megan Tan, I am immensely proud of you all! The team's amazing characters have been brought to life in animated videos, social media posts, digital stickers, and other collectable merch. We had the pleasure of going down to the LTA bus depot to see the 'Corrie and Friends' campaign on public transport buses which will appear across Singapore in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone involved in this project, both student teams for their hard work and dedication, prof Peer for your support and all at LTA for trusting us with such an important task!

Well done to all!




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