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Art meets Science. Featured student work

At the School of Art, Design & Media (ADM), I regularly teach an Illustration for Designers course and this year I decided to switch things up a little. We regularly undertake an editorial design project but this time I collaborated with Assistant Professor, Mihaiela Stuparu from the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) and together we developed a multidisciplinary project brief for ADM students to create editorial illustrations aimed at a Scientific Academic Journal. Prof Ela's work is focussed on the Corannulene molecule and the students were introduced to the molecule in several lab visits and presentations from the SPMS scientists. After which students were challenged to illustrate the molecule and its numerous creation methods in a manner that would be suitable for publication in the Accounts of Chemical Research journal. The final pieces were exhibited at ADM and are also due to be exhibited at SPMS and online on the SPMS blog.

I just received the great news that designs created by 2 students have been selected for publication by the prestigious Accounts of Chemical Research journal, one as a front cover and one for the Table of Contents. I am so proud of all my awesome students but this is a special shout out to Jessical Chen and Merriley Sim Enci for their hard work and tremendous talent.

Looking forward to more multidisciplinary collaborations in the future!


Illustration: Chemical Harvest by Jessical Chen

Illustration: Work in Progress by Merriley Sim Enci

Exhibition at ADM



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