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Accepted to the International Conference on Typography & Visual Communication!

I'm so happy that my proposal has been accepted to the 8th International Conference on Typography & Visual Communication (ICTVC). The ICTVC 2022, 'Beyond the Obvious', will be held in July in Thessaloniki, Greece, so I'm hopeful that I'll actually get to travel back to Europe for the summer as an added bonus!

I'll be delivering a presentation, titled, Leveraging Singaporean Food Culture as a Creative Catalyst for Typeface Design, which showcases the magnificent typeface designs, created by my students last semester. The students not only created their own individual typeface designs, inspired by local food culture, but then worked collaboratively to create a huge 13 meter 'wall of type' installation which showcased over 150 bespoke culturally inspired glyphs. I'm really excited to unveil this work to the international design education community and discuss the pedagogical framework behind the project's success.

Huge thanks to my students for all their hard work and determination

Exciting times ahead!




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