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The TRIDEA Project

The TRIDEA Project 

The Tridea Project is the brainchild of Assistant Professor Lisa Winstanley and was borne from her desire to address our societies divisions through collaborative creative practice. Tridea’s overarching aim is to promote inclusion, collaboration, and altruism as a counter to these divisions. This project embraces social and cultural diversity and fosters a culture of creative trust by inviting creatives from around the world to participate in an international collaborative form of the Surrealist parlour game, ‘The Exquisite Corpse‘.


The Exquisite Corpse is a method of collaging numerous designs by several artists into one collaborative composition. A creative mash-up, with international participants collaborating to produce one multicultural creative piece. Think of it like a design relay race. The artworks generated are displayed on the online gallery and subsequently sold as high-resolution downloads. All profits from the sales will be donated to the partnering Singaporean charity TWC2; Transient workers Count Too; thus, coalescing international creative communities, building bridges, and providing a channel for diverse collaboration.


The project consists of both digital and print based components:


First the online platform which can be viewed at

A supporting social media feed on Instagram @trideaproject

Images of the site and social media here

And finally, an accompanying brand book.

Images of the site and social media here

Lisa is a predominantly print based designer and this book documents the Tridea Brand’s conception, evolution and culminates with a visual essay on the brand values of inclusion and diversity which have been pivotal factors to this 4-year research project.

The book design has been crafted with materiality in mind and each aspect has been considered and contemplated to metaphorically represent the project philosophy.


The book is cloth bound in using fabric from the main colour palette purple to represent creativity and mystery. The text is debossed and printed in a metallic pink foil, again from the main colour palette to represent love and kindness but the metallic finish adds a touch of magic and playfulness, creating reflection and distortion, much like the surrealist notions this project is inspired by. The cover of the book forms a horizontal triptych, to hint at the Tri aspect of the project. Three ideas, three artists, three layers of meaning and creativity.


Accordingly, the book is divided in to three parts. First an introduction of the project and its creator. The project values and tone of voice. Secondly, the main brand guidelines of the project, covering the logo identity, colour palette, typography and their wider applications. Lastly, the final chapter, an essay entitled, ‘Designing Conditions to Foster Culturally Diverse Co-Creation in a Virtual Space’. Explores both textually and visually how the project provides a means for ethical collaboration and connectivity. Here you can also see several Trideas which have been created especially for the book with a few surprise elements to add visual interest for the reader.

Lots of Images here 

Academic Publications and Presentations

Visual Essay:


Message Journal - International Peer Reviewed Journal
Capturing visual insights, thoughts and reflections on 2020/21 and beyond…


In this special edition, we aim to capture, investigate, interrogate and illuminate how COVID-19 may have impacted not only on Graphic Communication Designers, Illustrators, et al personally, but also on their practice and thoughts about the role of Graphic Communication Design.


Therefore, we have asked: with what, why, and how have individuals responded through Graphic Communication Design during the pandemic and what has unfolded? How in this time of crisis have individuals, and we as a community, taken time to help ourselves and our health, in order to support ourselves and others to become more resilient?

Conference Presentation with Published Proceedings:

9th Swiss Design Network Symposium 2021

Winstanley, L. The Tridea Project: Designing Conditions to Foster Diverse Co-Creation in a Virtual Space. Hosted by SUPSI – University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland And HSLU - Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

ISBN: 978-88-7595-108-5


25 - 26 March 2021 Online Conference

International Association of Societies of Design Research 2019 (IASDR).

Winstanley, L. Mapping Activity Theory to a Design Thinking Model (ATDT): a Framework to Propagate a Culture of Creative Trust. Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Evans, Martyn and Shaw, Annie and Na, Jea, eds. (2020) Design revolutions:

IASDR 2019 Conference Proceedings. Volume 1: Change, Voices, Open. P348 - 363

Manchester Metropolitan University. ISBN ISBN 978-1-910029-59-6

4th September 2019


IASDR is comprised of member societies from design research from around the world. including, The Design Research Society (DRS) and The Design Society (DS), The biannual conference provided a public call for papers and all full papers were double blind peer reviewed. The board is made up of leading scholars and notable scholars such as Sarah Weir OBE CEO of the Design Council. The conference had an acceptance rate of <20%

Conference Oral Presentation:

ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference 2019

Winstanley, L. and Wu You. The Tridea Project: Towards an Ethics of Co-creation. Sunway University, Malaysia. 9-10th December 2019

This conference is an official flagship programme of the ASEAN Young Scientist Network and organised by Sunway University and Wolfson College, University of Cambridge. The program committee comprises of leading scholars from the University of Cambridge, UK. There was a public call for papers and all submissions are peer reviewed. Keynote speakers included Prof Jane Clarke President, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge.

10th International Conference of the Image,

Winstanley, L.  The Tridea Project: Leveraging A.I. to Facilitate International, Collaborative, Image Production and Consumption. Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

5th – 6th September 2019


Organized by: Common Ground Research Networks with over 110 delegates from 35 countries. The conference had a public call for submissions. All submissions were double blind peer reviewed. The conference chair was Jacqueline Butler Head of Media, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

International Design Awards and Exhibitions


Creative Quarterly: The Journal of Art & Design Issue (66)
Awarded honourable mention for Tridea Logo Design
International Peer Reviewed Competition
Awarded December 2021

CQ Logo Here

11th Hiiibrand International Design Awards 2020

Merit Award

Professional Logo Design Category

Tridea Logo Design

1951 works from more than 40 countries and regions around the world were submitted.

212 works were chosen in the final. Top 10% of all international entries

65 finalists in the professional logo category: 20 Merit awards awarded

Top 1% of all international submissions

International Peer Reviewed Competition

September 2021


Hiiibrand logo here

Certificate Here


Tridea Logo Design Creative Quarterly The Journal of Art & Design (Issue 66)

Online winners gallery.
Forthcoming 2022


Tridea Logo  Hiiibrand 2020 Design Awards Exhibition in China Venue/date TBC


Creative Quarterly: The Journal of Art & Design. (Issue 66)

Tridea Logo Design
Juried collection of the quarterly competition winners
Published by Artisanal Media LLC. New York
Forthcoming 2022

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