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Take the Red Pill speaks of an online community hosted on Reddit where men go to circulate toxic perspectives of women. A place where anonymity, male privilege and rape culture dominate. Taking either the red pill or the blue pill refers to a choice between the willingness to learn a life-changing truth, by taking the red pill, or remaining in ignorant bliss with the blue pill. This poster examines how taking the red pill in this context perpetuates hate and discrimination; a journey down the rabbit hole into that no-one should take.


The poster was selected for the Poster Stellars 1st Intercontinental Poster Competition: United States 2021. Category A 02 Professional Cultural Posters and can be viewed her in the online winners gallery


Poster Stellars selection.png

The Poster also received an Honourable Mention recognition in the Graphis Protest posters II competition and was featured on their popular design blog and published in their Protest Posters 2022 publication a Juried collection of the year’s best Graphic Design. 256 Pages Hardcover ISBN: 9781954632042. Published by B. Martin Pedersen, New York.

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