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Connection Lost Poster Series

This series of three poster prints, negotiates the concept of borders; whether they be physical boundaries or intangible, social or cultural constructs. As a society are we losing connections to each other and subsequently to ourselves? Are we erecting walls, be they literal or figurative, in order to separate or to unite? Should these boundaries be respected or transgressed? This image series documents the effects of social division and in doing so provides a lens for retrospection. 

The swirling liquid represents the unknown, the multiplicity of borders that surround us and visually probes as to where we might position ourselves within these turgid waters. The hands are reaching to find a once contiguous connection, yet just failing to find the other entity within their self-imposed borders, thus raising questions of our interpretation of self-identity. Drawing reference of the past to question the present and find answers for the future.


Techno-Storytelling: Past, Present and Future

10th International Conference of the Image

The Connection Lost Poster Series was exhibited at the Techno-Storytelling: Past, Present and Future at the 10th International Conference of the Image. Manchester Metropolitan University, UK from the 5-6 September 2019. The posters were selected for presentation among other international submissions via double blind peer review.

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