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All Work and No Play Poster

All work and no play is a poster design that pays homage to the infamous psychological horror film, The Shining. Not only is this one of my all-time favourite films for its iconic imagery and chilling plot but this is also very poignant to my on-going research dialogue of trust. This piece is multi layered and the sheets represent not only a twisted shroud from the truth but also the crumpled bed linen might represent a secret affair; touching on the subject of betrayal.


The main twisted typography is juxtaposed with smaller red type. In this instance representing passion, betrayal or if The Shining is anything to go by REDRUM, REDRUM!


Ecuador poster bienal 2018 logo.png

Ecuador Poster Bienale 2018

The Ecuador Poster Bienale is an international event which subsequently toured South America and Europe including an all women's edition of the exhibition held in Chile. The exhibition and the work was promoted widely across social media and through the museum website alongside various news reports and art blogs throughout South America. The international juried exhibition received 10,044 entries from 80 countries around the world. The initial exhibition held at the Casa de la Cultura, Quito, Ecuador, showcased work including works by Milton Glaser, Peter Bankov, Michal Batory, Erich Brechbühl and the famous Che Guevara poster by Jim Fitzpatrick.

  1. Ecuador Poster Bienal (EPB) All Women’s Edition - Chile
    All work and no play poster. Universidad Andrés Bello. Pure Space, Campus Creativo UNAB, Santiago, Chile. 12th September - 4th October 2019

  2. Ecuador Poster Bienal (EPB) Poland
    All work and no play poster. Centrum Spotkania Kultur in Lublin, Poland. 7th March - 5th May 2019

  3. Ecuador Poster Bienal (EPB) Portoviejo
    All work and no play poster. Museum and Historical Archive of Portoviejo, Portoviejo, Ecuador. 9th February 2019

  4. Ecuador Poster Bienal (EPB) Ecuador
    All work and no play poster. Casa de la Cultura, Quito, Ecuador. 6th - 30th November 2018

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