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Creative Quarterly 58 is out and P&PW is featured!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

I am excited to announce that issue 58 of Creative Quarterly: The Journal of Art & Design, featuring Peace and Presence Well-being branding design now available online. P&PW was featured as winning artwork in the Professional: Graphic Design category. Additionally, P&PW was awarded in the Top 100 Designs of 2019: Top 25 in Graphic Design! And is featured in CQ's 100 Best Annual 2019 published by Artisanal Media LLC in April 2020 currently available for preorder here.

P&PW branding is also part of the 100 BEST GALLERY SHOW: NYC in 2020 and I am thankful and honoured to be featured. I would like to thank Creative Quarterly's judges and management for the feature and award.

I hope that everyone is staying safe x



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