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Inspiration behind the work

In many countries rights for foreign domestic workers are severely lacking and having lived in the Middle East for many years I would often hear stories and witness first hand, how domestic workers were mistreated; deprived of food and sleep and even denied their salaries. I am fully aware that this issue is not specific to the Middle East and there are many good people who treat their staff with dignity and respect. Instead this is a global issue and migrant workers’ rights are something we should be fighting to improve on a worldwide scale.


Whilst I cannot begin to understand many of the issues that foreign domestic workers face on a daily basis. I can attempt to raise awareness though my design practice. This poster depicts the face of a foreign domestic worker, representing all those that do not have a voice and requires the viewer to interact with the image from three separate vantage points in order to fully engage with and comprehend the supporting typography; thus cultivating a dyadic relationship between text and image. A figurative and literal representation of the shift in perception that is needed to ensure better working conditions for the vulnerable in our societies and in some small way, an attempt to empower this community and to acknowledge their current perspective, with a view to changing their future.


This work was entered in to the Graphis Protest Posters II competition and was awarded Silver. You may view the work on the Graphis Winners gallery here

Graphis silver Award.jpeg

A juried collection of the winning protest posters has also been published by B. Martin Pedersen, New York.

256 Pages Hardcover
ISBN: 9781954632042.

Poster in the Graphis book_edited.jpg
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