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The Journal of Leading Approaches in Multimedia

Founded and collaboratively designed by 3 designers: Lisa Winstanley, Alaa Khalifa @lalakhalifa_art and Mirna Kataya, LAM, The Journal of Leading Approaches in Multimedia, is a multidisciplinary publication which supports international creatives in publishing artwork and scholarly writing, pertaining to their specific fields.

Fostering an exchange of interdisciplinary knowledge and encouraging debate on the global, cultural and social aspects of design. Conceived with the aim to develop and critically examine contemporary discourse in practice-led scholarly research related to creative practice; Inclusive of history, theory and the applied arts.


LAM encourages submissions from individual designers, collectives and/or multidisciplinary projects, with an emphasis on visual essays, professional practice case studies and industry interviews.


Hiiibrand logo.jpg

Hiiibrand Awards 2017: Finalist

Professional Branding Category.
International award chosen from 893 entries from over 30 countries


Hiiibrand Finalist Exhibition 2018

Zhejiang University of Commerce and Industry. Professional. 12th - 26th March 2019


NABF: Nanjing Art Book Fair, representing Hiiibrand

LAM: The Journal of Leading Approaches in Multimedia.

NABF: Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China 1st November - 3rd November 2019

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