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Hope Luck Fear

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Artist Statement

Hope is easy. It fills the heart with optimism. It allows us to imagine a better space or time. It is optimism in the face of apathy or despair. Hope is pure and good. However, hoping for the best is often a form of inertia when what is needed is action. What is needed is to deal with reality and to plan, prepare and move towards a better future, rather than to remain static in the hope that everything will be ok. The place where we can situate hope is when all the preparations have been made and the hard work has been put in, and yet even then, with all that in place, you can do your best but that does not entitle you to positive results.

Hope Is Not A Strategy.

But if it were not for hope the heart would break.


This poster series was created as a response to the covid 19 crisis and is a call for action.

The hope is not a strategy poster was selected for the Seeing Across Disciplines Exhibition, held at the 53rd conference of the International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA), The jurors reviewed 100s of entries from around the world and around 20 works were selected for the online exhibition which can be viewed at:


The exhibition was juried by:

Petronio Bendito, Associate Professor and designer, artist, and curator, Purdue University (USA)

Peter Carpreau, Senior Curator, M Leuven (Belgium)

Debra A. Davis, Professor, Department of Art, School of Visual and Performing Arts, University of Toledo (USA):

Alison Huftalen, Head Librarian, Toledo Museum of Art

Kate Nearpass Ogden, Professor of Art History, Visual Arts Program, Stockton University (USA);

Dana Statton Thompson. Vice-President of IVLA, Research and Instruction Librarian and Associate Professor, Murray State University (USA);


The exhibition catalogue can be downloaded here:


The work was awarded Honourable Mention

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hope luck fear.jpg
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