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Blank Canvas Poster Series

The Blank Canvas posters provide a critique of the superficial; questioning how the briefest of encounters force us to make judgements based on appearances. Blank Canvas examines the misconceptions of social and cultural stereotypes providing a critique of the concepts of modern beauty. Intended, instead, as a celebration of human difference; of uniqueness and diversity. As a humble attempt at honouring the unorthodox. The intimate gaze requests the viewer to look beyond the distraction of discernible imperfections and instead to revel in the flawed otherness. Perfection is often revered by our society and this work challenges the idea that imperfection, somehow, devalues the human condition.


Silver Award Graphis Poster Annual 2021

This work now sits alongside the likes of Landor Associates, Milton Glaser, Marcos Minini and Takashi Akiyama.


This juried award was selected by esteemed judges, Jisuke Matsuda (Atelier Jisuke) from Japan, Mann Lao (Chiii Design) from China, Marcos Minini from Brazil, Pekka Loiri from Finland, Spencer Till (Lewis Communications) and Thomas Wilder (Collins) from the US.

Winning entrants: Ariane Spanier and Fons Hickmann from Germany, FX Networks and Landor from the US, Hoon-Dong Chung from Korea, Hajime Tsushima and OGAWAYOUHEI Design from Japan, Underline Studio from Canada, and Young Huale from China.

The winning poster can be viewed in the online winner's gallery here:

“Graphis is an international bastion of excellence in design and visual imagery.”
Phil Marco Director/Photographer/Designer Phil Marco Productions

Poster Annual 2021_Silver.jpg


Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 3.23.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 3.23.02 PM.png

MVVO AD Art Show 2020 

Held at The Oculus, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, at the Westfield World Trade Center — one of the most famous architectural landmarks in New York City with over 350,000 visitors each day. AD ART SHOW 2020 will be seen by over 10 million people during the month of September 


The juried exhibition call was advertised internationally via

with a jury panel consisting of luminary artists, curators and art critics

  • Laura Skoler – Chair of the AD ART SHOW Selection Committee; Board of Directors, New Museum, NYC, and the Daniel and Florence Guerlain Drawing Foundation, Paris

  • Isaac Aden – Senior Curator, Jerome A. Cohen and Joan Lebold Cohen Center for Visual Arts

  • Natalie Bell – Assistant Curator, New Museum

  • Julia Fowler – Executive Director, JP. Morgan Private Bank/Hunter College Art Advisory Council

  • James Fuentes – Owner, James Fuentes Gallery, New York

  • John Hatfield – Executive Director, Socrates Sculpture Park

  • Norman Kleeblatt – Independent Curator & Critic

  • Corina Larkin – Executive Director, CUE Art Foundation

  • Gracie Mansion – Senior Art Specialist at Artnet (post war and contemporary art)

  • Lisa Schiff – Founder & President, SFA Art Advisory

  • Eric Shiner – Artistic Director, White Cube, former SVP Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s and former Director, Andy Warhol Museum

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 3.22.24 PM.png

Looking Good 20/20

Held at Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) new MetroLAB gallery, during the Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week 2020. FAU is ranked as one of the best public universities in Florida and the Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week 2020 provides significant exposure for the exhibit and its international participants.


The juried exhibition call for entry was advertised internationally via the AIGA Design Educators network and the exhibition website:

The jury panel consists of well-respected academics and professional designers from the USA such as:

  • Stephanie Cunningham (Professor of Graphic Design, Florida Atlantic University, FL)

  • Henning Haupt (Architect & Painter, NYC)

  • Jimmy Moss (Professor of Graphic Design, California State University, CA)

Social Impact

Blank Canvas at the Metrolab Gallery, Fl
Artbox Barcelona

ARTBOX PROJECT Barcelona 1.0

The ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0 will take place in a first-class gallery in a prime location in Barcelona, only a few steps away from the world-famous "Arc de Triomf". Barcelona is an artistic highlight all year round and attracts many art lovers and collectors.

This will be an upcoming exhibition that Blank Canvas will be exhibited at

Valid World Hall at the Buenaventura Muñoz 6 in Barcelona, Spain and  Artbox Gallery Zurich, Switzerland


Chump 101 Logo


Blank Canvas images are to be featured in​ CHUMP 101, A bizarre physical book filled to the brim with the work of photographers, writers, poets, illustrators, graphic designers, and visual artists. A place for art to live outside of the internet. Only one copy of the book will been made and will travel the world being passed from one person to the next. Blank Canvas will be part of that journey and the book’s journey will be documented across social media.

Featured on Art Project insta and fb details coming on 29th Jan


WOTISART Portfolio Magazine

Blank Canvas will be featured in Wotisart Portfolio Magazine in 2020.

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